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My Story

Paul Coehlo once said, "Writing is a way of escaping the reality of what is happening," and indeed, during Lockdown I couldn't have agreed more. It was during this incredibly stressful period that I found more time to delve back in to my great passion for creative writing. In doing so, I soon found myself returning to a part of my brain where creatures, characters and worlds knew no bounds – the exact antithesis of Lockdown.

However, as my writing progressed, I began to notice a change; my mind somehow became calmer as it left one world and entered another. In fact, the more I wrote, the more my body relaxed. It was a strange but very welcome peacefulness.

As time progressed, I was fortunate enough to find a publisher who resonated with my work and fulfilled my lifetime ambition to have my first children’s book published.

However, even if ‘Forget Me Not’ had not been published, I already knew that I had gained a huge benefit to my well-being from writing the book. I realised that creative writing had actually been providing me with these benefits throughout my life.

It is for this reason that I am here today, wishing to share the magic, benefits and fun of creative writing! It is for children and adults alike and, as many studies now show, (detailed further in my website) the benefits of creative writing are far-reaching. From increased focus and creativity to strengthening our immune system, creative writing can have a huge positive impact on our health and well-being. As an experienced teacher and published author, I love sharing my passion for creative writing.

Please delve into my website for more details on how I can help bring the benefits of creative writing to you…

What Does Creative Writing Mean?

In the context of my workshops, creative writing means the chance for you to unleash your imagination and to unlock your creativity!

The workshops offer a range of engaging exercises, prompts and activities designed to ignite your creativity, encourage self-expression and refine storytelling techniques.

You will have the opportunity to discover your unique voice, to share your work (if you feel comfortable) and to learn from each person's unique take on the workshop activities.

Whether children or adults, the same principle applies: the workshops are an opportunity to switch off from the world around you and to escape into the boundless possibilities of your imagination.

Most of all, i hope you have fun along the way!

Fancy a try?!

Click on the clip above and imagine it's you standing there.

Why are you there? What can you hear? What can you feel? What have you seen on the way? Where are you going next? Could this be the beginning of your story...or the end?

Allow yourself to be completely transported into the scene. This is your story after all!

The Health Benefits of Creative Writing

A number of studies have proven the benefits of creative writing to our health and well-being.

Research has shown its positive impact on:

  • Mood and emotional well-being - writing creatively allows individuals to explore their thoughts and emotions
  • Stress reduction - it provides an outlet for self-expression which can help to reduce stress levels and promote relaxation
  • Cognitive functioning - improved memory, critical thinking, problem-solving and language skills
  • Self-reflection and self-discovery - the process of creating characters often helps individuals to gain insight into their own thoughts, beliefs and experiences
  • Communication skills - it develops a command of language, expands vocabulary and improves communication of thoughts and views
  • Empathy and perspective - developing characters and understanding their motivations and experiences can cultivate empathy and enhance perspective
  • Mindfulness - free writing helps us to escape from our inner critic and to be freer with our thoughts and feelings

Further reading: - Poetry's positive effects

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My Debut Children's Book: 'Forget Me Not'

"Dog lovers will love this book. Or, actually, everyone will love this book." Aussie Kids Books

"A precious exploration of the journey of a little girl's life with her dog. Just delightful." Picture Book True Love

"Animals really are man's best friend. I loved everything about this book." Kids Book Review

Is there any love greater than the love we have for our pets? They accompany us through thick and thin, through winter's blizzards to summer's scorching heat. But what happens when they can no longer be by our side?

From the moment Rose is born, her faithful Dalmatian, Dotty, is by her side. She accompanies her through all of life's major milestones, from learning to walk to starting school. The pair form an inseparable bond as one season flutters into the next, and then the next.

But as Rose begins to grow up, it seems that Dotty just can't keep up.

This heart-warming story shows just how much our pets mean to us, and how they are there for us no matter what. it also shows just how precious memories can be.

How to purchase

'Forget Me Not'

Published by Ethicool


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Children's Workshops

Workshops can be tailored for children of all ages. They are designed to ensure that children have as much fun as possible exploring the very active world of their imaginations.

Workshop Structure

Each workshop can vary but they typically take place over one or two hours and can include:

  • Opening - often a short writing prompt - props, visual or auditory prompts to stir up imagination
  • Learning - learning about the focus of the session with examples
  • Practising - putting into practice the focus of the writing, drawing and crafts
  • Feedback - sharing each other's work (if children are comfortable doing so)
  • Takeaways - thinking of how you can put the session focus into practice in our writing

Workshop Topics

Each session is tailored to suit the needs of the group but the following gives a taster for sessions on offer:

  • Magical creatures and fantasy writing - explore the world of mythical creatures and and learn to create your own unique character
  • Imaginary worlds - design your own imaginary world filled with unique characters and setting
  • Haiku poetry - delve into the world of poetry by learning the short form of this Japanese style of poetry
  • Time travel tales - embark on a journey to explore a different period in history and write about your adventure
  • Superhero storytelling - create your very own superhero with unique powers and enemies to fight on their adventures
  • Nature tales - explore the wonders of nature and use the senses to write a captivating verse on its beauty
  • Fairytale remix- put a twist on a classic fairytales. Reimagine familiar characters and stories with a modern day twist
  • Exploring free verse poetry - children explore poetry with the freedom to write without structure or rhyme
Person Writing on the Notebook

Adult Workshops

Workshops are for anyone who finds a joy in writing or who would like tap back into creative writing (perhaps for the first time since childhood!)

Allow yourself to be transported into your imagination through a wide variety of workshops which are on offer.

Workshop Structure

Each workshop can vary but they typically take place over one or two hours and can include:

  • Opening - short writing prompts - props, visual or auditory depending on session
  • Learning - learning a new form of writing such as Haiku in a poetry workshop or focusing on one aspect of writing style
  • Practising - putting into practice the focus of the session
  • Feedback - hearing and learning from each other’s work (if you are comfortable doing so)
  • Takeaways - thinking of how you can put the session focus into practice after the workshop

Workshop Topics

Each session is tailored to suit the needs of the group but the following gives a taster for sessions on offer:

  • Awakening the senses - delve into the art of using vivid sensory details to enhance your writing
  • Playing with language - explore the versatility and beauty of language through wordplay, metaphor and clever techniques
  • Haiku poetry - delve into the world of poetry by learning the short form of this Japanese style of poetry
  • Creating compelling fictional worlds - how to create vivid and immersive settings for a story
  • Writing from memory - unleash the power of personal stories that can be turned them into captivating narratives
  • Finding your voice - discover and nurture your unique writing style
  • Character development - explore techniques for creating unique characters from their backstories to personalities
  • Exploring free verse poetry - explore the freedom to write without structure or rhyme

Recent Events

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Latest News and Upcoming Events

Children's Workshops

in conjunction with Jersey Festival of Words

Location: Natwest International community space,

St. Helier

Wednesday 23rd & 30th August

Join me for a book reading and some fun activities based on the themes of summer and pets.

Adult Workshops

in conjunction with Highlands College

Location: Highlands College, Adult Community Centre

Wednesday 29th September to 6th November 10am-12pm

Join me for a six week course on Writing Children's Books.


in conjunction with Mind Jersey

I am currently in training with Mind Jersey and look forward to updating this page soon with more information on an exciting workshop collaboration.


Teaching Adults at Highlands College

I had a fantastic time teaching the first week of ‘Writing Children’s Books’ at Highlands College. The attendees brought so much energy and so many great ideas into the class and I can’t wait to continue teaching them over the next five weeks.




St. Helier, Jersey

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